October 29, 2014

2014 Hot Pepper Fest: Picture Recap

The Palestine Hot Pepper festival is almost like a local holiday--everyone goes to the festival! (and for good reason! It's a blast!) The weather was great--a fabulous mixture of a nice breeze hitting your slightly sweaty skin--what more can you ask for for Hot Pepper Festival day! We hit the highlights--the food alley (corny dogs are my favorite festival guilty pleasure and a definite must for me) and checked out the kid's zone and the parade. Unfortunately, I didn't get to make it to the live music on Saturday night, but I heard it was GREAT! (There's always next year!) It was another great festival in a great town! Now for a few thousand pics from the festival: (Just kidding, I tried to keep it under 20 pics! haha)
July 29, 2014

Whose Water Is It Anyway? (Texas Real Estate & The “Water Crisis”)

Water is an increasingly valuable commodity in Texas and is gaining prominence in real estate transactions. The ownership and use of water depends on location. Most surface water is owned by the state, while most underground water is privately owned and can be conveyed or reserved.
July 24, 2014
palestine texas historic real estate

Historic Districts in Palestine, Texas: A Quick Guide (with MAPS!)

Palestine, Texas was established in 1846 and features over 1800 historic sites, including homes, businesses, churches, monuments, cemeteries and museums. We are very lucky to be surrounded by a rich historical heritage in Palestine! I get asked often by folks about historic districts and whether or not their home is in a historic district. However, even if your home is not within one of the registered districts, you can still apply your property to be a Palestine Designated Historic Landmark. (To qualify, property must be 50+ years old and "have a historical value due to association with important events, people, trends, or are representative of historic architectural style and/or building methods."
July 1, 2014
Old House Love: 6 Cool Features of Historic Properties

Old House Love: 6 Cool Features of Historic Properties

Old House Love: 6 Cool Features of Historic Properties Palestine has the second highest number of Victorian and historic homes in Texas (Galveston wins 1st prize). With so many historic properties, I am lucky to get to see many of […]
June 25, 2014

You Can’t Do Everything in Your Underwear (but you can do some!)

TIPS FOR BUYING IN A SELLER’S MARKET It’s true–it’s a seller’s market in Palestine, Texas!  Homes are selling FAST and often with multiple offers.  So, what is a home buyer to do?!  While the market is tougher as a buyer […]