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October 25, 2014
Buyer Boo-Ware: “Haunted” Real Estate

Buyer Boo-Ware: “Haunted” Real Estate

It’s that time of year where ghosts, goblins and witches are everywhere. The tombstones are in the yards and they might even have a pile of bones sticking out for dramatic effect. It’s a fun and escapist time of year and one of my favorites, for sure. Everyone loves a haunted house at Halloween, but what if it is a real-life “haunted” house? What does it mean when you want to sell your “haunted” house? Does a ghost add $5,000 to the asking price? Does the ghost need to pay rent?
July 24, 2014
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Historic Districts in Palestine, Texas: A Quick Guide (with MAPS!)

Palestine, Texas was established in 1846 and features over 1800 historic sites, including homes, businesses, churches, monuments, cemeteries and museums. We are very lucky to be surrounded by a rich historical heritage in Palestine! I get asked often by folks about historic districts and whether or not their home is in a historic district. However, even if your home is not within one of the registered districts, you can still apply your property to be a Palestine Designated Historic Landmark. (To qualify, property must be 50+ years old and "have a historical value due to association with important events, people, trends, or are representative of historic architectural style and/or building methods."