“Shop Local” for your real estate agent, too!

“Shop Local” for your Real Estate Agent, too!

“Shop Local” for your Real Estate Agent, too!


There is a big push to shop local.  I won’t get into all the reasons to do it, but generally speaking, it keeps money in the community.  The same is true in real estate, for similar reasons, but also because having a local agent benefits you—whether you are buying or selling.

LOCAL CUSTOMS – Local real estate trends and customs can vary greatly just a few towns over, so it is imperative your agent is familiar with the area. So many facets of a transaction vary depending on location. For instance, in the Houston area, appraisals may have an extremely fast turnaround or survey costs may be much more expensive.  Local agents know turnaround on things like inspections, appraisals, surveys, title work, utility connections and more.  How much is typical for earnest money deposits and option fees?  Local agents know the ins and outs of the local real estate industry and can provide you with insight that will save you money and make for as smooth of a sale as possible.

“WE BETTER CALL FRED!” – Sometimes there is a hiccup during the contract period.  Hopefully not, but if it does arise, an agent with local contacts can fix it fast. In a smaller area like ours, everyone knows each other and it is much faster to “make things happen” when your agent is knee deep in the market every day. It’s all about who you know and a local agent knows exactly who to call to get things done.

AREA OF EXPERTISE- While most real estate agents cover a fairly broad geographical area, the state of Texas shouldn’t be it. Texas is simply too big to know everything about every area.  I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the real estate market in Amarillo and I wouldn’t even try—because I work in East Texas. Is their dirt even red?  Is there even dirt or is it all sand?  See my point?  It might as well be another country as far as market knowledge goes.  I have no clue and have no business selling there, because I am not an expert in that area. If I bought property in Amarillo, I would hire a local agent to represent me, I’m not even kidding.  It really is that important to get the local scoop.

Any real estate agent licensed in Texas can sell property anywhere in Texas. However, that does not necessarily mean they should.  Markets area highly localized and an out of area agent may not have access to the local MLS.  Will an out of town agent be able to estimate the days to sell or advise you on an offer price? Can they tell you that the house has been on the market since 2005 because there was previously a clown worshipping cult on the property and everyone in town is creeped out by it? Can they suggest the best vendors or access the local lockboxes? Can they give you directions without GPS?  Can they show the property this afternoon? I could go on and on.

Real estate is and always will be a hyper local industry.  Agents don’t just unlock doors and local market information is critical to any transaction and can save you money and frustration.   You want a good agent who is deeply knowledgeable about the area—because his or her knowledge could make or break your deal. Whether buying or selling, it is always best to have a true local expert who really knows all the dirt.


Lisa Priest loves a clean deal in dirt and is a Broker/REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or read more at BuyPalestine.com.


“Shop Local” for your Real Estate Agent, too!