Holiday Decorating with Plants

Holiday Decorating with Plants

Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to get out the Christmas decorations and crank up the carols!  If you want to update your holiday decorations without having to buy all new stuff, think about “freshening up” your existing décor by adding to it!  I don’t know about you, but “free” is my jam!  Think about what traditional Christmas décor consists of—berries, pinecones and evergreen foliage.  Luckily, we live in East Texas and free and pretty holiday décor is everywhere.  Use these tips to jazz up your décor with some East Texas elements:

STICKS AND CONES!? – Designers often use sticks and branches (maybe they may have a fancier word for them?) as the base for centerpieces.  This is an easy look to mimic—we’ve got all kinds of sticks in our neck of the woods!  Go with the natural look of wood or paint them–either way, you’ve got the basics for a great look.  A few gold branches can turn your centerpiece, tree or wreath from ordinary to designer.

Pine cones are much the same as the sticks—you can go with the natural look or paint/decorate them to match your color scheme.  If they are going indoors, make sure they are free of bugs and that the sap is dried out.  Bake the pine cones on a lined baking sheet for approximately 30-45 minutes at 200°F.  Keep an eye on them so they don’t burn (cripsy pine is probably not the holiday scent you are going for) and adjust any bake times accordingly.   Once you’ve cleaned the pine cones, you can paint, bleach, add some glitter or glue them onto other elements–pine cones are very versatile as décor. The options are only as endless as your imagination. Red painted pine cones, glitter pine cones, pine cones as ornaments or centerpiece accents—so many possibilities!

GREENERY & BERRIES – From pine sprigs to boxwoods, we are blessed with a greenery bounty in East Texas!  It doesn’t have to be “traditional” Christmas greenery–whatever textures and aromas you like (or whatever is easily accessible), use it! Experiment with it. Boxwood clippings make a great texture for a wreath with a very traditional look.   Pine sprigs and ivy lend themselves well for mantle decorations.  You don’t have to make stuff out of greenery either.  Going with the “add to it” approach—add some sprigs of plants/berries to faux garlands and wreaths.  You can attach it quickly with wire (or glue.)  This method is great because the existing faux greenery is already there, so add as little or as much as you like (or have time for) and you’ll still get a new look!

Some plant cuttings will last longer than others once cut, so it will be a craft and science project all rolled into one.  Replace any pieces during the season if they get a little too dried out and crispy.

There are so many other non-décor items you can use to decorate—nuts, fruit, dried herbs and more.  East Texas is an inspirational setting for fantastic natural decorations.  You can tweak the look as much as you want—go natural or add tons of glitter, or anywhere in between.  Make it new and have some fun doing it and next year you can do something completely different, without breaking the bank!  Cheers to some decorating inspiration!

Lisa E. Priest loves pulling out the holiday decor and is an East Texas Area REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or read more at