Thanksgiving Décor on a Budget

Thanksgiving Décor on a Budget

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! Hosting a Thanksgiving feast takes some planning, but you still have plenty of time to make it perfect!  Check out these designer-inspired tips to set the perfect Thanksgiving scene (on a budget!):

Of course, the food is the main event, so you want to make sure the table is pretty and functional for the meal.  The highlights of the table décor are typically table runners or placemats, napkins and centerpieces. 

Try a table runner to create a base layer for your table design. It doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many clever ways to set a gorgeous table without breaking the bank. Even something simple like a brown craft paper runner or a thick ribbon runner work great!  Alternatively, you can create a nature-inspired table runner out of pine sprigs (or ivy or whatever fun foliage is in your yard), along with a mix of pinecones, mini pumpkins or oranges.

You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers for your centerpiece.  If you are short on time or budget, think beyond flowers and try to utilize what you already own. Find a pretty container or bowl and arrange fresh vegetables, fruit or mini pumpkins into a festive arrangement. A few well-placed apples, pears or pumpkins can pull it all together.

If you still think the table needs something extra, consider out of the box materials used as traditional items.  For example, if you need a bunch of napkin rings, try using coordinating ribbon, twine or wire. Use this same thinking for the place cards.  The options are endless—keep it simple with paper place cards or get creative with atypical materials.  A few ideas: use a tiny pumpkin or fruit as the centerpiece of the plate and pin a place card onto it, or spray paint leaves in metallic tones and then use a permanent marker to write the guest’s name onto the leaf.  You can customize the accents and create a coordinated designer look.

There are so many brilliant ideas for making a fancy designer event.  Sometimes all the projects we plan in our heads materialize, and sometimes they don’t—and that’s ok!  The good news is, even if you don’t do a single thing and just end up hanging out with your family and friends, it will be a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Lisa E. Priest wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving and is a local Real Estate Broker/REALTOR® and Property Manager with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or at