Golden Rules of Real Estate

Golden Rules of Real Estate

Golden Rules of Real Estate

Buying or selling real estate is a big deal. It’s a big purchase where stress and emotions tend to run hot.  Regardless of the different personality types involved in the transaction, or how long it takes, following a few simple rules will get you much further, faster.  Use these “golden tips” to seamlessly arrive to closing day:

Be a Courteous Visitor- Until the paperwork is signed, money changes hands and you have keys in your pocket, you are in someone else’s house. It is not ok to “snoop” in someone else’s home.  Act as a guest, because you are.  The house is for sale—whatever is inside their drawers is not!

Time is of the Essence- Time is precious.  Once it is gone, you can’t get it back.  If you have no intention or means of purchasing a home or are not 100% sure you can make it to the appointment, do not schedule a showing.  The sellers of the home have taken time to prepare for each showing by leaving the house, cleaning and prepping it for a willing and able buyer. If you’re just a looker, that is ok; but wait for the open house or check out the pics and virtual tour online.

Communication is Key– Have a Question? Problem? Freaking out? Your Agent wants to know and help! You have to communicate issues so they can be fixed. If there is no communication, there can be no solution!

Loyalty Matters– Be loyal to your Agent and you will receive their loyalty in spades. Agents work on commission, so most Agents are not going to make you a priority when you are seeing property with every agency in town.  Find an Agent you trust and stick with them.

Do unto others- The Golden Rule applies equally as much in Real Estate as it does in everyday life. If you want to be treated fairly and honestly, treat others honestly and fairly. This one could pretty much stand on its own and is the basis for all the others that follow!

A little consideration goes a long way towards a successful (and stress-free) transaction. Even though you may feel you are on opposing sides with the other party, if you work together, it will all be golden.


Lisa E. Priest likes shiny gold stuff and is a Broker/REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or at