Clever Homes: Unique Real Estate

Clever Houses: Unique Real Estate

Clever Homes: Unique Real Estate

Clever Homes: Unique Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed of living in a cave, a grain silo or lighthouse?  For most people, these are not even options that cross their minds.  However, for others, a traditional house doesn’t have the unique character that they crave.  These properties are part of a growing real estate movement that I call “clever housing.”

Tiny & Unique

The tiny house movement has been picking up steam with all ages in recent years.  Contained within its tiny footprint of less than 400 square feet is everything you need to live, from bathroom to bedroom, just the tiny version of it.  It’s definitely a lifestyle adjustment from how most of us live, with a heavy emphasis on minimalistic and clean living with minimal overhead.  It is more costly per square foot, but once built (or bought), tiny houses are very economical to maintain and live in.   It’s not a far cry from living in a camper—the idea is basically the same but with a hipper, environmentally-conscious twist focusing on a streamlined lifestyle.  One of the biggest pros for tiny house living is that you free up income from what you would’ve been spending on “stuff” (because you really would have no place to put it anyway, so you have to be choosy on what you buy) and your cost of living.  So instead of spending money on stuff and overhead, you can spend it on travel, dining out, etc.  It does sound freeing, doesn’t it?

Awesome tiny house! Image Credit: Tiny House Project

Awesome tiny house! Image Credit: The Tiny House Project

Tiny and functional! How cool! Image via:

Tiny and functional! How cool! Image via: The Tiny House Project {click to look at all their cool pics of their tiny house project! It’s awesome!}

Bigger & Unique

If a tiny house is too tiny for you, there are clever houses with more square footage than you can find (or afford) in most “traditional” homes.  Old buildings such as long ago closed factories, banks, fire departments, schoolhouses and churches can be repurposed and will have thousands of square feet to play with.  Yes, it will take work and money, but what if your bathroom was in an old bank vault or you could slide down the fire pole to your living room?  Okay, that is just too cool!  As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless if you can envision what it could be and have the funds (and patience) to do it.  There are many positive aspects to converting an old building into your home—but most importantly, you could have a large and completely unique home.  Depending on location and condition it might be much cheaper per square foot and you can absolutely make it exactly how you want it.

Clever houses are definitely for the brave, no bones about it.  They are not “move-in ready,” and are a labor of love (and money).  Unique homes are not for everyone, but luckily, real estate can be anything you want it to be.  No matter your style, a home can always be made more “clever.”

Clever Homes: Unique Real estate

How cool is this repurposed silo house?! Image Source: SandiegoPropertySource




How gorgeous is this remodeled church turned house?! Image credit: PopSugar

How gorgeous is this remodeled church turned house?! Image credit: PopSugar

This doesnt even need a caption...WOW! Image credit: HomedIt

This doesnt even need a caption…WOW! Image credit: HomedIt

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Clever Homes: Unique Real Estate