September Home Maintenance Tips for your Palestine Texas Home

September Home Maintenance Tips for your Palestine Texas Home

September Home Maintenance Tips for your Palestine Texas Home

Its fall, y’all! We all know about spring cleaning, but there are several things you should do in the fall to prepare your house for winter. Luckily in Texas, we do not have to deal with basements or hardcore winterizing.  Still, there are some basic maintenance tasks that need to be completed to prevent more expensive problems later on. Preventative maintenance is cheaper long term, and who doesn’t want it cheaper? Keep your home in perfect shape with these September home maintenance tips:

EXTERIOR CHECK –Take a few minutes to walk the exterior of your home and visually check for loose shingles, raised nails and damaged or missing flashing. Roof repairs do not go away and they definitely don’t get any cheaper. Fix it as needed so that a lack of maintenance prevents a big repair or full replacement.

BATTEN DOWN THE VARMINT HATCHES – While you are doing your exterior check, keep an eye out for any spots that critters are using to get into the house or attic. Critters can get in through pretty small holes, so be thorough in your search.  Squirrels, raccoons and mice can cause major (and expensive) damage by chewing wires and other activities. Also, it is really creepy to hear them having a grand ole time in your attic! Make sure to plug any holes, so they can’t turn your home into their hotel.

LET’S VENT – There is no time like the present to clean the air vents/registers. For a quick dusting, use a duster wand or a dust cloth to remove any dust hanging in the cracks. If they need a deeper clean, remove the vents and take them outside and spray off the dust with a water hose. Make sure they are completely dry before rehanging them.

LET’S VENT SOME MORE – Lint is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? There is always lint to be cleaned out of a dryer vent. Give it a good cleaning and prevent a potential fire hazard.

HEAD IN THE GUTTER – Before all the leaves fall, make sure the gutters are not already full of last year’s debris. You can “DIY” this or hire it out. Many yard service companies offer this service as the mowing season slows. It is much better to clean them out now and prevent possible issues caused by non-functioning gutters.

CLEAN IT FOR SANTA! – Any time before cold weather hits is a great time to get your chimney cleaned.  Creosote and critter nests can build up in your fireplace and are a big fire hazard. Call the Chimney Sweeps before you are standing in front of the fireplace wanting to light it and before they are booked up for the holidays! Experts recommend that this be done yearly to safely use your fireplace.

PUMPKIN SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE – Whoohoo! It’s time to dust off the scarecrows, pumpkins and turkeys–it’s fall decoration time! Towards the end of this month is a great time to dig out the warm winter blankets so you can have them washed and ready for that first chilly night at home cuddled up by the recently cleaned fireplace!

Always use caution and common sense when using ladders and doing any repairs on your property. While “DIY” may be a good option for some, know your yourself and your limits. Hire a professional when necessary. Most importantly of all, don’t forget to enjoy a pumpkin-spiced treat before you start your honey-dos.


Lisa E. Priest has a pumpkin flavor addiction and is a Palestine, Texas Real Estate Broker / REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or read more at