Why a Local Real Estate Agent Matters

Why a Local Real Estate Agent Matters

Why a Local Real Estate Agent Matters

Agents don’t just unlock doors and whether buying or selling, the agent you choose matters. You want a good agent who is deeply knowledgeable about the area—because his or her knowledge could make or break your deal.



While most real estate agents cover a fairly broad geographical area, the state of Texas shouldn’t be it. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about practicing real estate in El Paso—because I work in East Texas. Is their dirt even red?—I have no clue and have no business selling there. Your agent should have a well-defined trade area and should be an expert in it.



 Local real estate customs can vary greatly just one town over, so it is important your agent is familiar with the local ways. So many pieces to a real estate transaction vary depending on location. For instance, in Dallas, appraisals may take 1 week while they may take 3x as long here or USDA loans may not be as prevalent in some areas as others. Every area has a particular way of doing things and it is important your agent knows how things work to make the transaction as smooth as possible.



 Most contracts don’t close without any glitches, but a good agent with local contacts can correct problems fast. In a smaller area like ours, everyone knows each other and it is much faster to “make things happen” when your agent isn’t a stranger to the locals in the industry. It’s all about who you know and a local agent knows exactly who to call to get things done.


Any agent licensed in Texas can sell property anywhere in Texas. Should they? Heck no! Will an out of area agent be able to tell you how fast you can expect the property to sell or if the house is overpriced? Can they tell you that the house has been on the market since 1985? Can they suggest the best service providers or even access the local lockboxes? What if the key (or heck, even the agent) gets lost? What if someone wants to see the house this afternoon? Real estate is and always will be a hyper local industry, because to be a local expert, you’ve got to know the dirt.


Lisa Priest loves a clean deal in dirt and is an East Texas Area REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or read more at BuyPalestine.com.