Pet-Friendly Home Features

Pet-Friendly Home Features

Pet-Friendly Home Features

Many people have pets and consider them a part of their family (yup, I’m one of them). So, of course, Fido and Fluffy may need some special house features of their own! Before you think I’m off my rocker to suggest buying a house (or remodeling) with a pet in mind, just think—it’s not any stranger than any other home customization—and “pet features” are gaining mainstream popularity quickly. Consider these pet-friendly home solutions:

Pet-friendly home features

These are my two little furry kids 🙂 They wish they had some cool home features like these!



If your pet is small enough to fit through a doggy door, it may be a great option for you. I’ve never had one, mostly because I have a fear of a rabid raccoon running through the doggy door and plopping next to me on the couch; however, many pet owners consider it a must-have pet accessory!


Carpet is out and hard surface flooring is in. That is nothing new to home trends, but when considering pets, many pet owners prefer not to have any carpet in a home. Unfortunately, odors and stains tend to stick around when pets live on carpet; so aside from the trend of hard flooring, it is very practical for life with pets.


An existing central vacuum system would be a great feature to look for when shopping for homes. Central vacuum systems are not very common, but they are around and it is possible to add a retrofit. It is a bit of a “splurge” feature, but it would make cleaning up pet hair easy.


An in-home dog washing station sounds really extravagant, doesn’t it? It kind of is and it is one of the hot new trends in new luxury homes. However, you can create your own version of it—and it doesn’t have to have granite walls and custom glass doors! You may already have a setup for it—possibly a sink in your laundry room that you don’t use? Find a space in the laundry room, garage or outside where you could run plumbing to a new deep tub setup (you can buy a deep freestanding utility sink at the hardware store for less than $100.) It sounds frivolous, but if you bathe your pet at home often, this could be one of your most favorite improvements!


This is a fancy dog washing station, but how cool would this be?! Image via Houzz

This is a fancy dog washing station, but how cool would this be?! Image via Houzz

Easy solution...These are $99 at Lowes! (other sizes and styles available also. There is one without a faucet for $25 too!) Via

Easy solution…These are $99 at Lowes! (other sizes and styles available also. There is one without a faucet for $25 too!) Via


No, that’s not a typo, it’s a “Catio!” What exactly is a Catio? Well, I don’t own one, but I will loosely define it as an outdoor space setup for a cat, designed so they can “go outside” but also be contained—kind of like a mini screen porch. They can be as simple as a wire box coming out of a window to a full on maze designed for kitty’s amusement. Catios can be any size—from small to large and one Internet search will show you just how wild they can get!


Seriously...Catios are real! A DIY Catio From Jim.

Seriously…Catios are real! Image Credit: A DIY Catio From Jim.


A mudroom isn’t just for people—it’s nice to have an entrance to/from the (fenced, of course) yard to act as a barrier to tracking dirt/mud/etc. into the house. Probably one of the most desired features (and not just for pet owners) is a fenced yard. It keeps things in and out and is a great feature in a home—I’d call this a pet owner staple.

These pet features aren’t really for Fido, they’re for you! Heck, I’m a fan of anything that makes pet bathing easier. There are even homes built especially for pets in other parts of the world! I wouldn’t go so far as to build a house with only my pet in mind, but I would consider pet features a bonus, for sure. However, I’m still holding out hope for the technology that bathes your dog for you.

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