Details Matter: 5 “Little Things” that Sell a Home

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Details Matter: 5 “Little Things” that Sell a Home

When house shopping, potential buyers will have a list of features of their ideal home. Commonly desired amenities such as an updated kitchen, an open concept, updated bathrooms and hardwood flooring are on most buyer’s wish lists. However, there are many desired features of a home that are more “hidden,” but can be the deciding factor in a home purchase.


  1. CUSTOM WINS – Everyone loves customization over “cookie cutter.” Any home customization that appeals to the majority of shoppers is always a great selling point. Built-in furniture such as bookcases, desks or tables can give a higher-end look for a relatively small investment. In kitchens and bathrooms, custom storage solutions such as pull out drawers, utensil organizers and built-in organization systems can really make use of the space. Everyone wants to be more organized and organization can make the most bland area (like inside of a cabinet or closet) into an exciting element of the home!
  2. STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE – For all buyers, storage is important. Whether you collect comic books or have a freakishly large collection of Santas, you need a place to put it all. Storage buildings, sheds, decked attics, garage shelving systems and any other form of “extra” storage is always a huge selling point. Storage systems do not have to be expensive, they can be DIY built, as long as they are neatly constructed. We all love our stuff and that will never change, so while many home fads may come and go, be assured that storage is forever.
  3. TOO COOL – Texas is hot. That’s a fact. Central air conditioning is not cheap to add after the fact, but is a HUGE selling point. While this is not a “little thing,” it is often overlooked until a buyer sees the property and realizes there is no central A/C system. Many buyers will not consider homes without central A/C. It’s not only a deal maker, it’s often a deal breaker.
  4. MUDDY BOOTS – The mudroom is not a new concept, but is quickly gaining mainstream popularity due to sites like Pinterest. The mudroom acts as an organizational “catch-all” for your family–a place to drop your purses and backpacks and boots when you enter the home, a place to organize sports equipment, rain gear and more. The mudroom might be a stand-alone room, share a space with the laundry room or may be a small area in a hallway; I have seen it take shape in many different ways. It is desirable because it is a highly functional and usable feature for everyday living.
  5. PRIVATE RETREAT – Nobody wants to be “spied on,” or even have the feeling that they could potentially be “spied on.” (Totally creepy!) Privacy is an important, but often unspoken, factor in home selection. I’m not saying that all buyers want a 20’ privacy fence surrounding the property (luckily, they don’t), but a sense of privacy and separation from your neighbors (even the friendly ones) is a major bonus. Privacy can be added in front of windows with lattice, or in yards with fencing or trees. Not every property is inherently private, but any way you can add more privacy and separation between your property and your neighbors will make it more enticing to buyers.


Unfortunately, these “little details” will probably not be the first reason that a potential buyer decides to tour your home. You still have to be priced right for the condition and location of the home and marketed properly, but these details can be the difference between a looker and a buyer. When you are selling your home, anything you can do to set yourself apart from the competition will get you from listed to sold much faster.

Lisa E. Priest has organization envy and is an East Texas Area REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or email or at