Recycling in Palestine, Tx

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“Let’s put our plastic, paper and aluminum in the bin!”x

Great news for residents of Palestine, Texas! The recycling program is here!  This is such an easy way to do your part and make a difference in the environment and will have a long-term effect on the cost of trash service–the more that gets recycled, the longer the landfill will last until it gets full, which saves us all some green!  Get the details below to start participating:

When is pickup?

Recycle pickup is on Wednesdays.  Your recycle bin must be placed at the curb (or wherever your usual trash pickup is placed) by 7am. Pickup is made by Progressive Waste Services.

How much does it cost? Who is eligible?

There is no additional charge for recycling, as long as you have an active City Water / Trash utility account.  It is included in your trash bill.

If you do not have a City Water / Trash account, recyclables can be dropped off at the City of Palestine Transfer Station located on Anderson County Road 3695. Drop off hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm and Saturday from 8am-Noon.

What can I recycle?

Paper Items:  Newspapers, Magazines, Phone Books, Mail & Catalogs

Metal:  Aluminum & Metal Cans (rinsed)

Cardboard & Chipboard (must be flattened, boxes broken down)

Plastic:  Bottles & Jugs (remove the lid)

What should NOT be recycled?

No Glass.

No Styrofoam.

No plastic wrappers or bubble wrap.

No paper that is wet or contaminated with food, oil or grease.

No hard back books.

No aerosol cans.

Commercial Recycling

Commercial accounts are eligible for a recycle dumpster.  Call 903-731-8400 (option 1) to request your dumpster. Additional fees do apply for the commercial dumpster.  The other recycling requirements are the same for residential and commercial, as well as having the same Wednesday pickup.

How do I start recycling?

Go by the water department at city hall during business hours to pickup your recycling bin (504 N. Queen Street, Palestine, TX) or call 903-731-8400.  The city has to add your address to the pickup list, even if you are using your own bin, so be sure to let them know you are participating, either way.  Then, start getting into the habit of putting the recyclable items into the recycle bin! Recycling reduces landfill fees, reduces space needed in the landfill and helps the environment.

This is the type of bin that you will receive at City Hall. The cost is FREE!

This is the type of bin that you will receive at City Hall for residential use. The cost is FREE! Can’t beat that with a stick!


I know that my recycle bin will be filled with Dr. Pepper cans! Haha! What can I say…I’m a Texan, through and through!  Enjoy the recycling!


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