Burn, Palestine, Burn!

burning inside city limits palestine tx

Did you know that it is legal to burn brush and limbs inside the Palestine City Limits? As of July 10, 2014 it is now legal, as long as you have the proper burn permit. Permits can be picked up at Fire Station #1 (611 Ave. A, Palestine, TX), Fire Station #2 (107 7th St., Palestine, TX) and Fire Station #3 (501 Benbrook Dr, Palestine, TX).

Some things to keep in mind regarding the permits:
-Permits are issued for same day use
-Permits are issued at the discretion of the Fire Department officers
-Burning is only allowed for the day(s) listed on the permit
-Burning is for limbs and brush ONLY
-Burning leaves, pine needles and household trash are NOT allowed
-Burning material must be on your property only. You can’t burn your neighbors!
-Burn pile must be extinguished by the time specified on the permit
-All complaints are considered on a case by case basis, but your burn will be monitored by the Fire Department, so use common sense for everyone’s safety!

Burn Pile Safety:
-All burns must be monitored constantly during the burn
-Have water hoses ready–just in case!

-Do not pour flammable liquids like gas etc onto the fire!
-Don’t risk it! If it seems like it *might* be getting out of control, call 911! Better safe than homeless! Be Proactive, Not Reactive!
-It’s not a contest to see who can have the biggest fire. Keep it reasonable!

If you have excess leaves, you can leave up to 20 bags of leaves per Wednesday pickup. Contact Progressive Waste Management for info.

For more information on City Limits Burning, visit the city’s website at www.CityofPalestineTx.com.

Have you or someone you know taken advantage of the City Burn yet? I hope everyone uses common sense and one bad apple doesn’t spoil it for the bunch! Happy Burnin’!

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