September Home Maintenance Tips Checklist

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We all know about Spring Cleaning, but there are several things that need to be done in the fall months to prepare your Palestine, Texas home for the winter months! Luckily in Texas, we do not have to deal with basements and some other cold weather home issues that our Yankee neighbors have to face. However, there are some things that need to be addressed to prevent more expensive issues later on. Preventative maintenance=Cheaper Maintenance! (and who doesn’t love cheaper!?)

Avoid future problems like this!

Avoid future problems like this!

Image: Eric Schmuttenmaer via Flickr

September Home Maintenance Checklist:

  1. CLEAN OUT YOUR GUTTERS – Before all the leaves fall, make sure the gutters are not already full of the last year’s debris. You can DIY this or hire a gutter cleaning service. Many yard service companies also offer this. It is much cheaper to do this ahead of time than to have water pooling or sitting in gutters causing damage that will lead to eventual replacement.
  2. ROOF CHECK – Even a visual inspection will work. Take a few minutes to walk the perimeter and check for loose shingles, raised nails and damaged or missing flashing. Roof repairs are much cheaper the earlier the problems are discovered, before it turns into something bigger.
  3. CRITTER HOLES – While you are doing your walk-around, also keep an eye out for any holes that critters are using to get into the house or attic. Squirrels, Raccoons and mice can cause MAJOR damage by chewing wires and other activity. Plus, its creepy hearing them running around your attic! Make sure to plug any holes, so they can’t come and go as they please!
  4. CLEAN OUT THE DRYER VENTS – There is always lint to be cleaned out of a dryer vent. Now is a good time to give it a good cleaning and prevent a potential fire hazard!
  5. AIR VENTS – This is a great time to clean the air vents / registers. For a quick dusting, use a swiffer type wand or a dust cloth to remove any dust hanging in the cracks. For a deeper clean, take down the vents and take them outside and spray off the dust with a water hose. Allow to dry completely before rehanging them.  Along the same lines, plan to clean your air vents or hire a vent cleaning company in the near future.
  6. CLEAR THE WAY FOR SANTA! – Before the cold officially hits, now is a great time to get your chimney cleaned.  Creosote and animals nests can build up in your fireplace and are a major fire hazard. Call the Chimney Sweeps before they are booked up for the holidays! Experts recommend that this is done yearly to safely use your fireplace.
  7. FALL FUN! – bust out the scarecrows, pumpkins and turkeys–it’s fall decor time! Also a great time to dig out the warm winter blankets and have them cleaned and ready for that first chilly night in your home!

    Fall Decorating is so Fun! Love this pumpkin-lined sidewalk! It's so inviting. I just know there is some fresh pumpkin bread baking inside!

    Fall Decorating is so Fun! Love this pumpkin-lined sidewalk! It’s so inviting. I just know there is some fresh pumpkin bread baking inside!

Image: Roanoke College via Flickr

Fall Palestine, TX home maintenance tips

Image: Ian Sane via Flickr

Always use caution and common sense when climbing up on ladders and doing any work on your property. While DIY may be a good option for some, know your limits. Hire a professional when necessary.

What are your typical home maintenance “to do” items in the fall?  Would love to hear yours in the comments section! I guess I better get working on my Fall Maintenance To-do List!

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