5 Tips To Finding Rental Property in Palestine, Texas

how to find rent house in palestine tx

Have you been trying to find a rent house in Palestine, Texas lately? It’s a tough market out there for renters! Homes are renting within HOURS, without yard signs and often before they are even offered on the open market!  It’s a great market for landlords, but it is tough for renters!

My suggestions for finding a rental property in today’s market:

1. I post all my rentals online FIRST (before I even have a sign in the yard…if it lasts long enough that it needs a sign!)  I post my rentals to http:///www.facebook.com/RentPalestine and also at www.RentPalestine.com and on craigstlist.com

2. Check Craigslist postings and Palestine Herald Press Classified Postings daily (if not 2x per day)

3. Call or text property managers / REALTORS to ask them if they have any openings.  Often, renters contact me about 30 days out from their move in date, and I can tell them which openings I have coming up and any other details (This gives you a definite uppper hand–you know what is coming on the market before it is even available and advertised.  My last 3 openings were leased before the properties were actually ready to move in due to the shortage in rental property!)  My cell is 903-948-3343, feel free to call or text me to check my availability.

4.  Also, join the various groups on facebook. There are several that are focused on job & house hunting and classifieds in Palestine.  These can be a great source for open rentals from individual property owners.

5. If you find something you like, PUT AN APP ON IT THAT MOMENT! It probably won’t be available the next day, or even the next hour.

I hope this helps potential renters who are frustrated with the rental market in Palestine the last few months. Palestine is experiencing a growth boom and the rental competition is fierce!


If you are looking for a rental property or would ilke information on property management services, feel free to call or text me at 903-948-3343 or view my openings at www.rentpalestine.com